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Elektronika began as a performance act, blending a continuous set of alternative dance remix covers (hence the name). By 2001, however, the band had decided to write, record and perform original songs. By late 2005, Elektronika had collaborated with several local talents such as Anthony Monaco from Loophole, Rob Carter from The Boinkers, Rick Molloy from Doll Factory, Jyri Glynn from The Sins and Anguisette, and Albert OH from Plot Device, Anguisette and The Endless Still. Elektronika has released 3 CDs to date: the self-titled "Elektronika," "Night & Day" (a double-disc set) and most recently, "Tears." Elektronika's music can also be heard on the Latex Records compilation, "Primal River Valley," the SINister Records "Memento Mori" compilation, and on the soundtrack to "The Sanguinarian" feature Vampire film. Elektronika is based in Seattle, Washington and continues to collaborate with musicians worldwide, write, record and perform.
Elektronika available on Sinister Records
Elektronika singer Dawn Wood also in Seattle band, Anguisette
Elektronika music in The Sanguinarian
Elektronika available on Latex Records
Elektronika available on A Different Drum
Elektronika available on CD baby
by ELEKTRONIKADANCE January 17, 2011
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