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1. -A risky but ultimately scary sexual position which a male and female watch a dog watch two cats make love and then, due to heart failure, pass away

2.- Basement rape

3. A rare weather anomaly in which definition 1 takes place in the sky
1- Earlier this week, me and my sister had an eebh session at our neighbors house.. It was messy, but ultimately, rewarding.

2- (Gasp!) Last night my stepfather promised me ice cream (COOKIE DOUGH) if i went into the basement with him but instead, chained me up and eebh'd the fu**k out of me!

3- (Weather man) In other news, this coming Thursday we will be experiencing an eebh; the first in since the 1965 incident in which over 12,000 cats and dogs were violently thrown from fu**k in the sky as thousands of civilians gazed in awe.
by DA BOOTY KING August 19, 2011
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