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This condition can be mainly found in white English males aged 16 to 50. (Some rare occasions this can be found in other countries, races and even found in females)

Symptoms include :-

Irrational thinking, paranoia,brought on by the use of Cocaine available from all RO's or from the EDL leader Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley Lennon, uncontrolled raising of one arm in the air, racist tourettes, consumption of large quantities of lager (Stella), uncontrollable bladder, misdirected anger, incoherent speech/text/post, homophobia, illiteracy, the belief they are defending the English language without the ability to use the English language properly, 17th century ideals, cold face (Remedied with a balaclava) and the inability to perform in the bedroom.

Extreme case symptoms :-

All of the above plus extreme violence and uncontrolled smashing of towns/cities/police and local people they claim to love the most.

If you present any of these symptoms, take immediate action. STOP reading The Sun, Daily Mail and The Daily Star. STOP watching Sky News, Fox News and CNN.

To reverse the symptoms get a good health dose of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Channel 4 News, reading a book (One without pictures), water, education, fibre, 5 kinds of fruit and veg a day, tolerance and understanding for your fellow man.
"That balaclava clad bloke must be suffering from EDL (Erectile Dysfunction Louts), we should try to help him with education and understanding to make him better"

"My town has been smashed up, the locals attacked and police are out in force. There must of been a sporadic out break of EDL (Erectile Dysfunction Louts). Thankfully only a small number of people have come down with it."
by Alexander Jones 2012 November 07, 2012
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