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Or the Electronic Arts Swap. Electronic Arts counter to the Nintendo Switch. To obtain the console itself, you must buy various real life lootboxes to "unlock" the parts of the console such as the screen and controllers(the instructions to assemble the console itself are also obtainable via lootboxes). After assembling the console, the menu of the console is unlockable through a US$20 "Season Pass" Friend list and online play are also obtainable via another US$30 "Best Value Pass" It also comes with a Wall Street Analyst's opinion on why you should have paid more for the DLC passes in order to finance their sorry asses. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the only game currently avaliable on the console. Changing between home and portable console is also exclusive to "Premium Members".
Nice! I just got the screen from the lootbox for my EA Swap! Now to open 50 more to get the controllers, buttons, instruction manual.
by Rems Husband March 11, 2018
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