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The result of online sex.

A manipulative tool used by the female to take the relationship the the next virtual level.
If you and brian keep talking like that on MSN, your gunna have an E-baby.

Sally>Bobby, I have big new.

Bobby> Ok.. what is it?
Sally> were having an E-baby!! its a boy! How cute is that!


>>Bobby appears to have signed off>>
by Big Uke1 May 02, 2010
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e-Ba-by (n.)

Your child that you purchased on the internet of course!
Wife: Hey hubby, you excited?
Husband: For what?
Wife: Our child Richard!
Husband: Your not pregnant, are you?
Wife: Silly! We ordered an eBaby, it's coming next week!
Husband: *facepalm*
by pig's rectum? November 28, 2010
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A person who grew up in the information/internet age, therefore is familiar with new technology and gadgets.
With so many ebaby's born today, Bill Gates can rest easy on his piles of money.
by Sin & Jas October 29, 2006
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a stuffed animal that has all the stuffing taken out of it so that candy kids and ravers can put candy, candy jewelry,anything else they need,and of course ectasy inside of it.
My e-baby is a stuffed bear I've had forever, which is why my mom never suspects the ectasy inside.
by Kayla S. September 18, 2007
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A girl or guy you met online and you have a long distance relationship going.
Person1: Hey hows you and Sexygurl245 doing?
Person2: Which E baby is that?
by Jeremiah6740 October 26, 2007
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a girl that independent and dont need no nigga for nothing pretty girl that will take your man and dont think she weak minded cause she will snatch you up real quick
that ebaby girl the shit oh she look like a ebaby
by Prettygirl1500 August 15, 2019
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