Email marketing newsletter. It differs from personal email messages in that eshots either want to sell you something, or raise brand awareness or promote whole kind of product or service that they can sell you later.

Some people hate eshots, but most newsletters always have some offer that let's you save money or tap into exclusive sales before the rest of population does.

Don't mistake the eshot with spam. Spam is email that you didn't gave permission to the sender. Eshots require you to subscribe first to receive them.
1. "Wow! I got fifty eshots in my inbox this morning!"

2. Citizen#1 "I came to the sale opening at H&M website this morning and the stuff I wanted is already sold out!"
Citizen#2 "Yeah.. I tapped the H&M VIP sale last week through the link in their eshot. They were trumpeting sale like there's no tomorrow for last 2 weeks, didn't you notice?"
Citizen#1 "WTF ?!?"
by barb3ll December 04, 2011
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