E’kerria means a pretty light skin girl who have a cocky attitude. She’s mean , bipolar , and loves food. She cares about her food more than anything. She is slim thick , gains little or some weight over the time. She can be the goofiest person you’ll ever met. Her personality can be very nonchalant or much boujee! Her confidence is over the ROOF. Her name is also Japanese . Her height could be 5’2 - 5’4. She’s never friendly , she’s much anti social and keep everything private. She’s a very loyal and a straight forward person. She’s a very mature female that cares about her morals/values. Most likely her zodiac sign is a Pisces. She also have a BIG forehead. You should get you a E’kerria.
E’kerria is very fine .. you should get her dude
by Yummykelswei November 5, 2019
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