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One sexy mofo, when walks passed bitchs they go into heat like dogs.
Also is an gamer god with a six pack and mad skills
Eóghan- A word used to describe your god kacper.
by Rap devil October 19, 2018
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big forehead and washing machines girl and bites their lips
ligi - ehhh eoghan bites

the beoir herself - does he fuck well i rather have a chest infection then gw that one so
by beoir2000000 December 15, 2017
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Loves Dick, 100% a big homo, Has a fetish for harry potters magic wand if you know what I mean
Eoghan The total Knob
by Davidcharles123 June 18, 2016
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Eoghan is a queer he enjoys big ass booty bitches and is a male stripper. You’ve gotta love him and his lanky as f8~ccck legs and arms, swing those arms b9tch SWING.
He’s definitely an Eoghan, because he’s so queer yum pum up your bum.
by chlothehoho December 17, 2017
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