Dysfunkk is a small time snowboard company (for now) trying to make it in the buisness. Owned by Katie B. and Erika F. Katie and Erika werent very good snowboarders at the time but had become addicted to the sport. They had been having ideas for cool clothes and gear all season and had been talking about making a company. They had thought about the name for quite a while before the idea of disfunctional came, they thought this title was a bit long so they cut it disfunc, but didnt look cool wnought so they changed the i to a y and their friend Taylor J. sugested the c to k. The double k came later when they were trying to make an email on aol and the single k was taken, so they added another, this still didnt work, so they decided aol was retarded and went to yahoo insted; by this time they liked the double k so they kept it. The whole company kind of started on night when Katie was sleeping over at Erika's house. It was around 3 am when Katie and Erika got hungry and decided to make sandwiches, they are very fond of sandwiches. They noticed the bread they were using was incredably soft, who knows how but this inspired them to start the company rite there. So over the next couple hours they talked and talked about their ideas for the company. This is also when they made their myspace page and email and created their first couple designs.
by erikka November 22, 2007
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