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When you have that certain personal, likeable thing about somebody that you can't fully expalin why. Basically, you just have that unknown special likeable "thing" about someone, that mainly only you, out of your friends, like about that person. This is a word that explains above the dime (the number 10, on a rating scale of 1-10)
"Dang...I don't know how to explain it, but she got the dymistry about her."

Q-"1-10, what would you rate her?"
A-"Dymistry, above 10."

Q-"Why do you stare at her walking by all the time?"
A-"I don't know man! It's that certain thing I just like about certain girls!"
Q-"Oh, you mean she got the dymistry goin' for yuhh"

Q-"Why do you always smile when you see her, but not towards your girlfriend?"
A-"Cause that girl gives off the dymistry disease" ;)
by MCh3s February 25, 2010
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