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A practical yet unattractive All Wheel Drive vehicle preferred mostly by lesbians. The model Outback, manufactured by Subaru, is most commonly driven by butch females. The car offers excellent stability and comfort, similar to that of a lesbian lover. Ideal for camping, long rides to gay-pride rallies, or car pooling to the Ellen DeGeneres show, the Dyke Whip is the number one choice of female gym teachers everywhere! It is not usually decked out in candy paint, nor will you see anyone tippin in them. But this car does offer woodgrain and leather to give it that trill feeling. It may also be referred to as a lesbaru and if purchased by a male, the existence of his testicles may come into question.
Today we were rollin in my Dyke Whip when I saw Bernice in her Dyke Whip; her mullet looks great!

Dude, I really wish this Dyke Whip would get out of my way, all of these feminist bumper stickers are distracting me.

If you want we can take my Dyke Whip to the lake this weekend. It does work on dirt roads, and there is plenty of room for both of us in the back.
by ZZZZKKKK September 07, 2010
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