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A dweedlescant is anyone who is annoying but never picks up on that fact. A dweedlescant is a relentless pest who is often dweebish, nerdy, or is just so caught up in intellectualizing everything that you can't get a word in edgewise. A dweedlescant is usually in his or her teens or is at least as immature as one, if he or she is older. A dweedlescant lacks life experience and often turns to smoking marijuana in later years to help level themselves out, thus fitting in with high functioning intellectuals. There are prescription medications available that have shown promise in recent studies to help a dweedlescant but haven't been approved by the FDA. The lack of approval is partly due to the fact that many dweedlescants have autistic tendencies and there needs to be more research done into the autistic spectrums before deeming these prescriptions beneficial. If you encounter a dweedlescant don't panic, just walk away, otherwise your time will be stolen from you when you are forced to listen to the dweedlescant go on and on about the plight of sea bass and how it relates to nuclear fission and recyclables.
That cafe is packed full of dweedlescants.
by treehighness the great February 12, 2010
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