A term coined by rapper Tech N9ne used at a time of excitement, usually when an attactive woman catches the eye (and vice versa when used by a female, although rare)
Example 1:
Tech N9ne:"I see somethin lookin' good I say Dwam!"

Example 2:
Person 1: "There goes that one girl with the onion booty you gotta just stare"
Person 1&2: (as girl passes) "DWAM!"
by Dayne White Bull April 7, 2010
Dwam is a Scottish word used in the north-east to describe state of relaxation or ease but can be used to describe almost anyone or anything.
I'm stuck in a dwam.

He was dwamming.

What a dwammer.

I dwammed to the shop.

by spineeq64 November 5, 2018
A trance-like state.
He was in such a dwam that he didn't see the car coming.
by Son of Groucho April 1, 2007
To sing with poor skills or no skill at all. ear splitting performance.
"dude, she cannot sing at all!!"
"how bad was she?"
"lookit, dwam, thats how bad she was"
by Marcus Hung September 8, 2006
Why aren’t you at school are you okay

Yeah just dwam
by Iceiceycreamy August 13, 2022