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Dværg-hamster: besides being a small rodent its a word used to break uncomfortable silences or conversations that are becomming increasingly weird.
the background story is as follows: 2 friends were having a conversation late at night. about halfway through the conversation both were drifting between awakeness and sleep - at which point there was longer and longer between each reply - suddenly one of them burst out : Dværg-hamster!
the other become completely awake puzzled by the comment which made absolutely no sense to the discussion.
(turns out he was dreaming about a hamster who was delivered to a circus, all the other animals teased it and teased it. one day the hamster went nuts and killed and ate every single animal in the circus - starting with the elephant - and it then had to perform all the other animals shows.. which was a bit awkward)
by Sleep_M July 11, 2006
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