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Old documents dating back to the 14th and 15th century originating from Flanders refer to "Du Vinage". It is the fee received by the lord of the estate for use of his wine press.
"Duvenage", "du vinage", "duvinage" also the name given to the man who was the operator of the wine press. The term "vinage" used to describe a toll charged for use of roads, bridges, water transit, etc. Also used to describe a tax levied on wine, textiles, iron-and copper products, ship- and wagon cargo, hores, cutlery, leather, salt, fish, wax, cheese, butter, pepper, etc. People in Flanders and the Duchy of Hennegau tenure who held ownership to charge "vinage", were called "tax farmer" or "vinage landlord".
by Net_tizen February 10, 2010
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