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When one finds oneself in a situation requiring a supreme effort, at the pinnacle of the struggle, when all things hang in the balance and one must power through, one may emit a "DUUT!" This is the sound of concentrated powering through. It is usually used as an exclamation, occasionally following a more drawn out suut as in "suuuuuuuuuuuut, DUUT!" but never lasting very long itself. As with a suut, a successful duut always yields a chea.
Hey dude, you remember in the Raiders of the lost ark when Indiana Jones was running away from that huge boulder in the cave?

Yeah dude, he was giving it a good suut, but the thing was too fast. He just had to throw out a duut! at the end there and hope for the best. Such a fucking chea.

Totally dude, the music and everything about that movie just gives me a huge boner.
by DogGottaDoDisShit January 25, 2011
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