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1. A person who ONLY plays Call of Duty games.

2. A person who ONLY plays competitive online multiplayer.

3. A person who doesn't really like videogames, because all they play is CoD.

4. A 12 year old who talks racist, ignorant, feebly vile sentiments, because all they do is play CoD online multiplayer.

5. Jock alchoholic rapists who play videogames. Duty Heads are people us geeks have been trying to avoid, so we turned to video games. Now they have joined our world, and we hate them more.
Kid 1: "Dude, I love videogames!"

Kid 2: "Really? Have you played a metroid, caslevania, elder scrolls, god of war, borderlands, or zelda game?"

Kid 2: "What? No man! I only play call of duty online!"

Kid 1:"How's the single player campaign?"

Kid 2: "It has single player?"

Kid 1: "what a Duty Head!!!"
by CheapScotch February 15, 2012
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duty is this context referrs to excrement or male genitalia, thus the term dutyhead defines a person whose head (or its contnets) resembles the same.
You're a dutyhead or, stop being a dutyhead
by Karra Reddick January 26, 2007
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