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Underground crew formed in the Bronx in the early 1980's (circa. 1981)specializing in promoting peaceful parties thoughout the Bronx for the purpose of brotherhood amongst, and the uplifting of, the hip-hop generation. Heavy emphasis on Weed. Credo "Come in peace or leave deceased". Sponsored "Inter-Racial" get high between beer drinking white boys and weed smokin' Ricans after racial tension boiled over at area high school. Sponsored annual Christmas Parties, girls got in free, guys get in with a tray or nickel bag of weed, or beer-school ID required. A real comraderie developed as a result of these parties. These were the pre-crack days mind you so it was all harmless fun.
Yo, the Dutchie Brothers are throwing a Zoo-Bang. DJ Scorpio & Magic throwing a jam at Poe Park.
by Buggin' E-Z April 12, 2009
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