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An excellent 2-year college for people who want to pay ridiculously low tuition for the same (or better) education that they'd get at any 4-year school.

With a relaxed atmosphere, chill people, and excellent teachers, it's a perfect stepping stone for people coming out of high school who are either undecided about what they want to do, unwilling to pay for a 4-year school, or just not ready to leave home. Respect it.
Man I totally underestimated Dutchess Community College. Now I'm glad I went to such a damn good college for so cheap.
by Blah Blahson 0 March 21, 2010
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Commonly reffered to as 13th grade Dutchess Community college is a last resort school for the occupants of the Hudson Valley. With the states lowest tuition this school is full of outcasts and rednecks. Though all the poor drunk sluts from highschool can be found here. Score!
I'm 46 and have no job but I'll sign up for school at Dutchess Community college so I can talk to young girls.
by John Kochay March 24, 2007
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