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A sex act. The two partners bend over at the waist and snug asses, cheek to cheek. The one with the dong, or the "punter" inserts said dong into his partner, the "receiver's", one of two holes whilst grabbing his partners waist and thrusting violently into her/him with as many millimeters, inches, or God forbid FEET, as physics will allow. It's quite tricky, and not for the amateur pugilist. Maybe start out with a Regina Steamer or the more commonly known, Hucklebuck, before attempting this complicated and awkward maneuver.
"Hey Jon, remember that chick that came into the store yesterday? After a few tequilas and some In & Out she was a prime candidate for the ol' Dutch Klotzner! She asked for it in the car,... BY NAME!"

Sometimes the slang, trimmed down version is preferred..

"So did you Klotzner that cooze or what?" or even more so..

"I slapped a bad D-Klotz all up in her dirt pipe, BIG TIME!"
by Gunther McThunderhump September 09, 2015
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