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Dutch Fork High School, is a socialized prison where the instability of the leadership impresses even African nations. The constant change in principles, leads the student body as well as the faculty pondering if they are getting gyped or whored out to someone or something. Overall the school gives the appearance that it is essentially a chaotic cluster fuck as opposed to a government installed educational institution. Though the school has essentially no gang violence or civil disobedience, the administration sees it necessary to overcompensate the short-comings of rival school, Irmo High School. Mesh bookbags are required to prevent students from bringing concealed weapons, though one would imagine that a shirt could be wrapped over the weapon in the bag, thus making the bag redundant. In an attempt to prevent intruders from entering, the administration requires socialist identification badges to be hung from the neck by a lanyard, that must be break-away, because the student suicide rate increased rapidly when the IDs were incorporated in the first place.

The system of ids is a questionable practice in which a frantic old man inspires investigation into every students id in an attempt to keep some facade of structure within the school to make a false premise of safety.

The administration of Dutch Fork High School is a constant reminder of an Orwellian society based on the novel 1984. Within their school you are made to read this book as a sick form of irony, so that the administration can have a sense of humor in their own sick way.

One could spend a lifetime discussing Dutch Fork High School's short-comings and overall substandard organizational practices. The school manages to pull off decent educational standards, though the students that attend this high school seem to be whinny spoiled rich kids with an attitude over nothing, essentially what is the point?

Last but in no way least...
I am the asshole that planned, lead, and followed through with the Raccoon Prank of '08! Muhahahahaha, biatches!
When Marx wrote the "The Communist Manifesto," he had know idea that his Utopia could be corrupted into a Dutch Fork High School.
by ErinGoBraghLess and Baneez September 17, 2008
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