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The act of placing any amount of cocaine on/in a partner's anus, then having said partner fart while you try to snort the cocaine powder out of the air. There are 2 accepted variations:

1) placing your nostrils directly above the anus while having your partner fart the cocaine directly into you nose

2) your partner blasts the cocaine into the air while you attempt to snort it all before it falls to the floor
Friends talking over pizza and beer:
Friend 1: "Damn man you trippin balls. You been hittin that bugger sugar?"
Friend 2: "Hell yeah brotatochip! Picked up this girl behind the Waffle House dumpster last night. She wore me out wit that brony play but luckily I had an 8 ball and caught some of that Dust In The Wind as a pick-me-up."
F1: "So love at 1st sight."
F2: "yeah we're married now. Also, its your mom."
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by Mermen55 July 16, 2018
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When one's fart smells so bad, it can be smelled even when let loose outdoors.
Dude 1: "Ew what's that smell?"
Dude 2: "Don't worry about that dude. All's that is, is dust in the wind"
by kdoggystyles November 02, 2011
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