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Dupont, Washington is in the Pacific Northwest. It is a beautiful, but growing, small town located in glorious Washington State nestled between the Cascades/Mount Rainer and the Puget Sound off of Interstate 5 between Exits 119 and 116.

If you are looking for the perfect place to walk, run, bike, or hike for the day or plan a weekend getaway, DuPont is the place you can spend the day in the woods without having to drive to the woods. The people that live there are upper middle class but rich compared to the rest of the United States due to the high cost of living. The homes there range from 300-500 thousand.

It has been dubbed pleasentville by many and thats a pretty accurate description. Powder Works Park is a very nice and up to date park with nice baseball fields soccer fields and a state of the art playground for the kids.

So if you have a family and you make atleast 100 large a year and dont mind living spitting distance away from your next door nieghbor then Dupont is the place for you.
You live in Dupont, WA ? Isnt that pleasentville
by seattles finest July 26, 2009
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