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Duogar - pronounced Dugar. A married cougar who has 2 men in her life. A husband that provides income to pay for the Duogar's extragavant lifestyle but rarely gets sex in return (pussy whipped). The husband is usually saddled with the chores, deeds and dirty jobs the Duogar refuses to do. The other man is the Bolo. He performs free & wild sex to the Duogar in exchange for free gifts & comfort that indirectly comes from the husband. The Bolo must pay close attention to the Duogar's needs; otherwise long fingernail scratches inflicted on the Bolo's back can cause unwanted harm & pain.
Rudy: Holy Crap Jeff, my Duogar's husband is leaving for 28 days instead of 14.
Jeff: What's the big deal Rudy? It's just another 14 days.
Rudy: It is a big deal. After 14 days I'm totally reduced to rib & bone. I can't fathom having sex for an extra 14 days with my Duogar.
Jeff: Rudy, focus on the positives. How would you like to be in the Duogar's husbands shoes?
Rudy: Ya, your right Jeff. I'll just have to spend more time using toys & ropes instead of pelvic grinding.
by Cruisin Otter September 03, 2012
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