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The ultimate level of being pissed off.

Frown often, get good deals on cars but still be pissed off all the time.

When you are sawing logs in your sleep, only to be woken up in the middle of the night, having to get up to go to the bathroom in only your underwear, super pissed.

*Also to be a piece of shit.
1. (While operating a Hi-Lo/Forktruck)

- "I thought I told you not to put that there!" Now I'm Dunwoody pissed, so I'm gonna speed away pissed off. Watch my shit hair blow in the wind as I throw some rocks in your face with the tires of my Hi-Lo.

2. (While sawing logs in your sleep)

- I was trying to get some God damn sleep! Now I've gotta get up in only my white underwear and go to the bathroom. Slamming doors open and closed, super Dunwoody pissed. Watch my shit hair blow in the gust of wind I have created by slamming doors.
by D.R.7 May 17, 2011
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