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Considered one of the top schools in the nation, Dunwoody Highschool is located in the suburbs of Atlanta. It's noticable features are it's patriotic school colors (which apparently use to be maroon and gold, think Harry Potter) and big baseball field. The U.S. seems to think the teaching at it is impecable, but most of the teachers don't really have their shit together. All the preppy kids brag about smoking weed and spend their weekend in Perimeter Mall at American Eagle. All the punk/goth/emo kids spend their time talking about how they smoke weed and all the unique-ness they have in their lives (such as saying how many times they've seen Donnie Darko, A Clockwork Orange, or Rocky Horror Picture Show) and how they're deep, tortured souls. All the black and hispanic kids (all mostly from Stone Mountain or Doraville) hang out with eachother in packs and talk about how Girl #1 was caught hanging out with Guy#1 but Guy#1 was Girl#2's boyfriend. Every other race is caught hanging out together in small groups and whispering jokes in their native language. If you the couple of people left who aren't in a specific popular group, everyone stares at you if you act like you have an opinion or if you try the slightest bit to fit in.
Punk/Goth/Emo - Hey! Let's go to Little Five Points this weekend and score some green!

Prep - Oh cool but I have to stop be the mall first

Black/Hispanic - I gotta hang out with my niggas this weekend

Everyone Else - Wasn't invited...will be going to Dunwoody High School sponsored event instead
by ChubbyGrrl August 29, 2009
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