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1. The Act of having lesbian parents.

2. Being a complete try-hard hip-hop officianardo. This may also be described as being "yummy". For one to be exalting true dunsfordism, one must wear pants that are too tight for them, too low to be practical. Dunsfordism is a lifestyle that encompasses pretentiousness on all levels, and it is a tagg that is to be avoided. For if one is linked to having dunsfordism, this is truly an undesirable thing.

3. Dunsfordism may also be a moment or an individual act. The meaning is the same, but it is isolated to one insident ie. Should one describe something as being yummy or commit an act of stingyness, this is considdered a "dunsfordism".

4. The act of being a truly pretentious tosser, who would cheat on one's partner with anything with a pulse.
Adem - "Guys this burger is so yummy"
Michael - "thanks for offering us some, you Dunsford"
Brendan - "who would have thought that you of all people would commit a dunsfordism"
by ihgodguysitssoyummy November 12, 2006
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