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Is a basketball player who has the ability to sell sneakers and other marketed products to fans of the player and the game. The Dunkadelic Mega-Star is also a player who's admired and respected by the Hip-Hop culture.He is also refered to as a Newjack Jock. The original Dunkadelic Mega-Star was Julius " Dr.J " Erving of the 70's and 80's.
Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett,Amare Stoudemire, Tracy McGrady, and Shaquille O'Neal are Dunkadelic Mega-Stars of Basketball. LeBron is basketballs' ultimate Dunkadelic Mega-Star since the retirement of Michael Jordan.
by Derrick E. Vaughan January 11, 2005
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( adj. ) Is one of the best players in college or pro basketball. The Dunkadelic Mega-Star is the marque player who draws the fans to the sport. An electrifying talent with athleticism, who is generally known by a single name or initials.
Jordan, Kobe, Iverson, T-Mac, Shaq,KG LeBron, and Carmelo are Dunkadelic Mega-Stars of basketball.
by Derrick E. Vaughan November 23, 2004
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