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A odd looking critter that looks like a kitten on steroids, with three horns, and glowing blood red eyes. It lives remote areas of Canada. They eat sasquatchs and souls of children. It can smell fear from thousands of miles, have teleportation powers, and can explode people's heads with a single glance.

They enjoy watching cheesy movie's and pooping on people's chests.
"Holey shit Judy and Tayler did you hear about Zane getting eaten by that thing."-MaT.
"Yeah, I think it was called a Dungleclauge"-Tayler
"I miss him with a passion"-Judy
"*sniffle* I love Zane *sniffle*"-Sav
What's up"-Random naked guy
by TMJ_Kitten_Eater August 07, 2009
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