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Small town between Palm Harbor and Clearwater that thinks highly of itself. Known mainly for it's small festivals and for selling alcohol later than anywhere else in Pinellas County. Usually, this leads to a large line at "The Dodge Store" (or as it is sometimes called, "The Drunken Chicken Shack") which is populated mostly by illegal Mexican immigrants and low income legal citizens of various ethnicities from the low income housing that litters the immediate area. The Rally station also sells beer late, but does not have the same clientèle due to geography. It also lacks the chicken. Also known for having bad water quality and high real estate pricing in nicer areas. It also has a small downtown area that has bars and overpriced shops.
It's after 1am. Let's go to Dunedin FL and buy some beer before 2.
by Bil-e-Bob March 05, 2008
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