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A man who is having sexual intercourse with an alpaca whilst wearing a humorous hat.

Could be used in different tones depending on the contexts in which it’s used.

Dumpy McHatFuck? (a question to whom it may concern)

DUMPY MCHATFUCK (randomly shouting this in a large crowd)
Dumpy McHatFuck (could be used to describe a sandwich at McDonalds)
"Shit, that dude just had sex with that duck whilst wearing a silly hat"
"No he didn’t dude he just DumpyMcHatFucked!"

"Can i have a DumpyMcHatFuck please"
"A what"
"a Dumpy McHatFuck?"
"please Leave"

"dumpy McHatFuck?"
"I’m sorry what?"
"give me a dumpy mchatfuck or i will eat your face"
by Norledge January 28, 2010
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