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Dumpster Detention was invented by a group of crime fighting Australian pioneers from the Sutherland Shire, who believed that any form of crime/misbehaviour/offensiveness should be punishable.

Dumpster Detention refers to the process of picking up an individual who has committed a minor crime/offense and placing them into a bin/dumpster. The individual is kept in said bin/dumpster for an amount of time appropriate to their crime/offence.
Guy 1: I disagree with your opinion. I believe that Edward from Twilight COULD kick Batman's backside.

Guy 2: That statement is offensive to myself, Batman and every being on this planet. I, therefore, decree that you shall be placed into Dumpster Detention till you see the error of your ways.

Guy 1: What is Dumps...Ack!

Guy 2: *picks up the offensive person and places them in the nearest trash receptacle*
by Australian Captain America. January 21, 2012
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