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A term to describe the situation when the stench from a person's dump causes him / her to vomit as a result. In order to be classified as a Dumpsick there are 2 pre-requisites:-

1. The person must not have been feeling sick until the point he smelt said dump

2. The vomit must be in the toilet pan with said dump

verb 1. To Dumpsick - applies when one person's dump causes another to be sick. As above the pre-requisites relating to previous state of health of the person being sick and the location of the said vomit apply.

- Derivatives: Dumpsickable (adjective) Dumpsicker (noun)

- Origin: originally from the Latin Dumpsickus, verb 1 influenced by the Italian Dumpsicki
Had a big night out which resulted in a dumpsick on the saturday morning

I dumpsicked my brother yesterday.

Tomorrow morning will be dumpsickable if I have a curry.

Most of us out tonight are dumpsickers
by porno1 October 14, 2008
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