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Reference to "girl poo". There is usually no stink accompanied with this poo, unlike those produced by their male counterparts. The dumplette is generally small in size and requires minimal use of toilet paper.

Dumplette's are great in public restrooms because they're so discreet. One can walk out of the bathroom stall after the dumplette is made and not receive looks of disgust from others.

The dumplette could quite possibly be the commencement of the popular male notion that "women do not poop". Just because it is unseen, unheard, and unsmelled does not mean it does not exsist.
Jenny: "Wow, Sandra...that was a quick bathroom break you just took. You must have just had to go number 1, huh?"

Sandra: "Actually Jenny, I took a dumplette!"
by RavenousOne November 15, 2009
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