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Being in a state of amazement due to lack of/excessive bowel movements. (A play on 'dumbfounded')
When one has eaten plenty of roughage & fibre but is still unable to poo. Causing questionable surprise leaving them unpleasantly Dumpfounded.
Also used in the opposite as: When one has had a poor diet for a few days but still manages to produce a well-rounded, hefty dump. Causing an unexpected surprise but leaving them pleasantly Dumpfounded.
by wordsmithjester March 25, 2014
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When someone is dumped by their boyfriend or girlfriend for no apparent reason they are dumpfounded. Confusion as to why you were dumped.
I can't believe he dumped her!

Do you know why? They were doin so good I thought!

Idk! She was totally dumpfounded!
by Scars777 May 13, 2009
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