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The infamous dump and dong prank is commonly associated with drunken youths looking to have some fun (and a place to shit). While it is often used by those with a grudge against a local home or business owner, this is not always the case.

The act is similar to the more popular prank in which someone obtains a brown bag of dog shit and lights it on fire in front of someone's home, and subsequently runs away and hides like a bitch. However, the more complex dump and dong requires one of the participants to take a shit while standing on the porch. They may then ring the doorbell (hence the ding "dong") and hide to watch the greeter's reaction.

Those more daring may choose to take the titular "dong" literally. In addition to taking a dump on the front porch, they will keep their pants unzipped and expose their manhood to the unfortunate soul answering the door. This is where the prankster's creativity can shine. They may wave it around slowly, shake it back and forth in a rapid motion, or some combination of both. Once satisfaction is reached, it is advised to that the prankster sprint to a nearby getaway car that has been prepped for such an occasion.

(Tip: never dump and dong someone you know. Also be sure to check that no children are present.)
Andrew: "I can't believe the bowling alley manager won't let us inside. I wish we could get back at him somehow."
Doug: "I've got it! Let's dump and dong him!"
by FreshestofDougs November 30, 2013
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