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The trance like state you fall under before you have to take a massive shit. You want to be alone and philosophize your life and write things down in a day-timer. You sit and bask in the fart like aroma sifting out of your asshole like steam through a manhole cover. God for bid you are interrupted by anybody, a person, a dog, even the phone ringing will overwhelm you with vulnerability, and self conscious feelings. You will immediately ninja to another room, ideally the bathroom to continue your seizure like stupor, or get it over with a drop the deuce.
Guy 1: It smells like stale shit in every room of the house!
Guy 2: Yeah when you where looking for me earlier I was in a dump daze, and had to use some stealth to avoid you.
Guy 1: I'm fucking moving out!
by brohan Sebastian Bach February 28, 2011
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