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Dumbledore Protection is a very good and useful system created by two intelligent girls. Dumbledore Protection has nothing to do with Harry Potter, not usually, anyways.
Dumbledore Protection (D.P) is a system that is used quite simply. If you want to do something that you may find difficult (ie. talk to your crush), you can say "I will talk to (crushes name) tomorrow. DUMBLEDORE PROTECTION." The moment that the phrase passes your lips it means YOU MUST do that deed or very very bad things will happen (bad luck for 10 years, or other unfortunate events)
There is only a few exceptions where these unfortunate events will not happen, like if your crush isn't at school the day you promised Dumbledore to talk to him. This is okay because it is not your fault, the only thing is you MUST talk to him the next day, or whenever it is that you next see him.
D.P works. It is beautiful.
"I'm going to ask him out on friday, Dumbledore protection! Nothing I can say will disregard this, because I just swore to Dumbledore that I will do it."
by LILDGAL April 02, 2009
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