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The name of the children's card game in the animated series Yu-Gi-Oh! and its manga version.

While the game's origins are constantly questioned, it's believed to be based on Ancient Egyptian stone tablets in which priests and kings captured spirits from another dimension and laid waste to their desert kingdom since they were very bored. It wasn't outlawed in Egypt until the Roman Empire conquered Egypt and forced them to play Pokemon or be enslaved.

Once an ambigious American man with pink hair named Maximillion Pegasus traveled to Egypt with the death of his mistress since that's what multi-million paycheck CEOs do when they mourn. It was then he went on an LSD trip with a racist Egyptian named Shadi and had his eye replaced with a golden ball that can shoot laser beams.

From then on, Duel Monsters has become an international craze despite the fact that none of the cards have writing execpt for numbers, nobody and their supersomputers can quite grasp the rules, and is dominated by guys with crazy outfits and girls with large boobs.

Currently, it ranks number 2 in popular complex games just behind the Naruto Trading Card Game and ahead of full-contact origami.
1. Eye of Judgment is clearly a rip-off of Duel Monsters.
2. Duel Monsters is super special awesome!
3. It's Duel Monsters, not Duel Masters.
by Atticus89 February 19, 2008
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