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an illustration of ones true understanding of the magnitude of a bad situation; this particular combination of words is best used after any unfortunate or unbearable event has occurred that requires more than just the usual "aww that's too bad" or "bummer eh". Best spoken with a pregnant pause between the two words for maximum potency.
Rich: You up for a fishing trip in the Caribbean Islands this weekend Lips? Got a few Victoria Secret Models and some other 9.5 dancers coming too!
Ben: I'm in Jail.
Rich: Dude...HURTIN'
Ben: Yeah dude, some bloke tried to crack on to my hot little blonde, so I gave the smart ass a throat punch.
Rich: Shit! How long you in for?
Ben: Life. The cunt's brown bread. It's not good dude...HURTIN'.
Rich: Dude................HURTIN'.
by ShakingBeetle December 03, 2010
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