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A heterosexual man who is so extraordinarily secure with his own self-image that he prone to flaunting his Deep V Neck wardrobe choices at social gatherings. Preferably, this man wears a V neck in a shade found on the aquamarine color wheel; to that end, a nice turquoise V never fails to suffice. And, by engaging in said deep V flaunting, this man unwittingly garners much same-sex attention, i.e. long second looks from other dudes, primarily those of the homosexual persuasion.
Dude, on the real, Zach is SO serious about those V necks yo! Look how he be lovin' that shit so much he's like the poster child for Dude Peacock. Let's give Ken his digits and take that turqoise-v-neck-wearin' mothafucker to school for a lesson.
by Rion & The Fond (c/o Swell) August 12, 2010
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