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The main two types of teenagers; other subcultures and labels branch off from these two.

A Bubblegum Teen is a run-of-the-mill teenager. These people tend to be self-conscious about everything and very superficial. They happen to be addicted to being popular and pop culture. Usually, their conversations will consist of sex, beauty, whining, and boyfriends/girlfriends, and use internet slang in everyday life. They usually follow every trend and try to fit in. They scorn uniqueness, but encourage groupthink and conformity.

On the other hand, a Duct Tape Teen doesn't give a @#%& about labels and does what they want. Duct Tape Teens understand the concepts of originality and individuality and embrace them. Like rolls of duct tape, they are all different. They come from all walks of life, from different backgrounds, and in all shapes and sizes. Each has his or her own thoughts and beliefs, none dictated by others.
The main difference between a Duct Tape Teen and Bubblegum Teen:

An example of a Bubblegum Teen's conversation -

Teen 1: OMG, I can't believe Dylan dumped me for that fat bitch, Lynne! She is soo fugly, and I'm so 1337 with my makeup. I'm so pretty!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Teen 2: IKR? Lynne is soo n00bish! I'm so prettier than her with my Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch!

An example of a Duct Tape Teen's conversation* -

Teen 1: Hey, wanna go meet after school?
Teen 2: Sure, we can go skating, and hit the books, too. By the way, I like that skirt you made.
Teen 1: Thanks! I made it myself. See you there!

(* note that all Duct Tape Teens' conversations may not be like this, as they are all different.)
by AllForSavingU May 08, 2012
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