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When a girl is giving a guy a blowjob but she hates the semen so she pulls out and the cum sprays everywhere. She tries to duck but a little gets in her hair. She has no other option but to fuck him anyway.
"Hey did you have fun with Brad last night?!"
"It was ok. We did the ducknfuck. Not my favorite.."

"Dude did you totally fuck her last night?!"
"Yeah man it was awesome! We did the ducknfuck!"
"And she didn't mind?"
"I dont know.."
by Crew4Lyfe November 12, 2011
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A game that begins with eating a tremendous amount of greasy duck meat with your partner. After you both have had your fill, strip naked and begin having really rough sex. The first person to shit loses.
I had a really rough Christmas, but at least I beat Heather at Duck 'N Fuck. That bitch shit all over the floor!
by davebarr19 September 02, 2015
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