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The shape of feet that some girls have that are particularly wide at the front, with splayed toes.

Girls with duckbill playtpus feet often wear open toe shoes or flip flops all the time as they find normal shoes uncomfortable and restrictive due to the width of their feet.

Girls with Duckbill Platypus feet are always slipping their shoes off at the first opportunity and are almost always barefoot at home, and often in places like the office, the car, and at friends houses. The girl's feet often make a flapping noise when she walks.
"Hey Lisa-Marie is so cute!"
"I know, but she has Duckbill Platypus feet"
"Yeah, she wears flip flops all the time cos her feet don't fit into normal shoes, she even wore flip flops to her prom"
"I know, she always goes barefoot when she's at my house!"
"Yeah, but that's ok, she has cute feet so it's nice to see them"
"True, I love her toes"
by jtaat June 09, 2012
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