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The most majestic animal ever to grace our planet
even more elusive than the jackalope, the duckackicorn has the head of a majestic duck, the body of a majestic horse, the wings of a majestic albatross, and the horn of a majestic narwhal. The majestic has never been captured or killed, as it is too blindingly majestic for the unworthy to see. To find the majestic duckackicorn, one must first prove themselves worthy. The only way to do this is by singing the Time Warp song to a pink fairy armadillo. Next, you must painfully extract the DNA from a banana in the 9 steps of the majestic Cambridge Tradition. Then, you must, with the aid of small giraffes, drink the majestic concoction at midnight and hide hundreds of majestic dinosaurs. After doing that, you must touch the horse. Finally, you must stand in the middle of a large group of people and yell "ARMADILLO!!!!!"

If the heavens deem you worthy, they will respond with a loud,"SHAZZAM!!!" and send down a majestic duckackicorn for you to ride off unto the dawn with. It will be SO FABOOSH.
"oh my god that majestic duckackicorn is so faboosh I just want to ride it unto the dawn"
by Onlythemostmajestic August 28, 2011
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