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Pilipino Eggrolls, which are called LUMPIA, made with a special meat recipe that is spicy and mouthwatering with various herbs and spices. It is made by a gun forum member in the Northwest, by the name of PRDUBI who is part Filipino. He didn't like the traditional way of making egg rolls that is full of lettuce and cabbage so he decided to make an Americanized version filled with lots of protein, spice,and herbs. He wanted to create it as a main dish instead of as an appetizer but it is working both ways. He sells a bag of eggrolls for 15-20 dollars and it contains 20 delicious eggrolls that a customer can fry in any oil. Dubi's motto for cooking it is "GOLDEN BROWN ALL AROUND!"
I've been waiting and waiting for ages for another batch of Dubi Snacks.

I had a whole bag of Dubi Snacks and I began to see the colors change in the room!
by PRDUBI July 26, 2009
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