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A controller that Sony hired Splitfish to make for their PS2. It looks like a mutilated version of the Nintendo Revolution controller. I guess Sony just had to rip-off Nintendo... again. One thing that Sony couldn't copy off the Nintendo Revolution controller was the ability to sense the 3D enviornment. If your wondering why the DualFX only senses a 2D enviornment, it's because it needs that crappy Eyetoy in order to work. Sony expects this to counter the Nintendo Revolution controller that everyone is getting exited to use in an FPS. It will end up another Sony flop anyway, sorry Sony, but you need to come up with your own ideas. Oh, and they're charging $60 for it.
NOTE: If you want to see the article and pic, search "DualFX" on Google news or.
Mike: Dude I got the DualFX controller for PS2
John: I finally got my Nintendo Revolution!!!
Mike: The DualFX can do the same thing and it only cost $60
John: That is kind of expensive for something that only works in a 2D eviornment
Mike: 2D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ONLY WORKS IN 2D!!!!!!!!!
John: God takes pitty on you
by RamuneMatt April 02, 2006
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