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1)A person in Sonic Vegemite
2)Other form to say Details
Yo! I built the ship! With every little Dtail
by Dynamic Sonic February 07, 2005
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Refers to the "dimensions" and other "juicy" T&A specs of a buxom (i.e., she has "D"-size boobs or bigger) chick with a nice shapely posterior (i.e., "tail").
I strive to be significantly more respectful of "the fairer sex" than merely-lecherous studs do, and so --- while I certainly do enjoy knowing the D-tails of a particular hottie just as much as the next guy would --- I instead concentrate on finding out how nice a personality a lady has, and if she is a good snuggle-bunny in bed.
by QuacksO July 13, 2019
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