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To drink multiple beers in one sitting proving that you can drink more than anyone else. Usually at the end of the night results in vomiting or making sexual advances to un-attractive women.

Originated in Texas in the 90's and has gained popularity in colleges along with the revival of binge drinking games. Often there is a massive hangover the next day along with regrets of sexual relations.

Becoming the DrunkHowell enough times will lower sperm count and put one a risk of actions that cant be remembered or dont want to be remembered.
Man, that party was blowing up last night! I was having such a good time that I got a little too DrunkHowell. i drank 12 Natural Lights, then some shots and before i know it i took off home and thought i was in my bed, but ended up in my parents! As if that wasnt bad enough, I think caught something too!
by Cotton H. February 27, 2009
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