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When a person decides it would be funny to get drunk and then decides to paint a picture. Usually ends up on the floor or paint on the floor.

There have been few cases of drunk painters drinking all the paint - mistaking it for alchohol - But that resulted in a trip to a hospital.

Some artists have created their best pieces of work whilst drunk because their emotions are so definate and decided they have crazy ideas to paint.
John: Owwww, my tummy and my head hurts
Kenny: were you doing some more Drunk painting's again?
John: Maybe...But that doesnt explain why my tummy hurts....
Kenny: *thinks*
John: oh kenny, were you at my house last night?
Kenny: nooo.......why?
John: Because all my paints are nearly empty but my actual painting doesn't have much paint on it, and there's none anywhere else...
Kenny: Oh dear, you haven't drank it all have you, I had a freind called bob once and he had to go to hospital because he drank all the red paint.
John: Crap.
by o iop June 04, 2009
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